Mixtape: Mic Lo – Priceless 1.5 Hosted by DJ HeadBussa

Mic Lo - Priceless 1.5

Polk County, Fla. shot caller Mic Lo’s latest Hunnid Records-released mixtape Priceless 1.5 is an adventure-filled joy ride of pleasure, pain, redemption and rewards.

Hosted by hard-hitting record spinner DJ HeadBussa and aided by a bevy of beats from central Florida flamethrowersShaq D, Man Beast Music Group and Coni Cone,among others, Mic Lo AKA Louie V leaves the ladies breathless and murders mind-blowing tracks in his rough, raspy baritone. From the thug passion serenade of“Feelings” to the festive “House Party” to the autobiographical “Growing Pains,” Mic Lo rides chest-pounding tracks like a brand new Bentley.

DeRoyale, A Force To Be Reckoned With In The Industry!


DeRoyale has mastered the recipe for success, with every component necessary to be instantly thrust among the elite in his craft. Charisma he’s got it, stage presence he’s got it, lyrics he’s got it, hard work ethic he’s got it, that competitive killer instinct he’s got it!

Musical torture in the name of radio play and club bangin’ anthems free of all creativity and soul is what we as true fans of hip-hop/rap have been subjected to in this modern era. Today’s music lacks cultural diversity, originality and passion. It seems the idea of an actual artist has all but been terminated.   The constant stream of one-hit wonders and copy-cat performers hijacking the beats and themes of their fellow “artists” leaves the real admirers of goodmusic, and I’m not referring to the record label, finding few if any representatives of this dying art-form. Angelo Rohra aka De Royalestrives to be the voice of a lost generation hoping to find creativity and raw emotion in their ear buds once again. Emerging from a unique background a young artist born in the USA and bred through an exceptional set of circumstances and personal triumphs arrives.

Since the age of 5 his love for music was apparent. While other children his age focused their attentions on everyday life he found himself listening to the sounds of the world around him. A true musician he carries the distinction of being well versed in multiple instruments, including: the piano, bass and electric guitar. He has always had an excellent support system composed of a close knit group of family and friends. Blessed with a loving mother, father and older brothers he values their love above all else. Even with their love and support his life was not without its own struggles.

Light cannot exist without darkness and so life cannot be without both forces. It is through experiencing both that we learn and grow. De Royale’s life is a testament to this very fact. During his darkest moments he found that music could provide mental freedom while in a state of complete isolation. It is during this period that his lifelong bond to music was forged. Music allowed De Royale to express all the things his voice alone could not. Through his unique musical perspective he desires that listeners allow his sounds to unlock the deepest levels of their imagination.

De Royale is combining his love for music with vast cultural experiences by defying the stereotypical sounds heard by today’s artist. With musical influences stemming from the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Australia and Germany he effortlessly blends the diversity of these cultures into the DNA of his music. Sporting an array of popular musical inspiration from the likes of Bob Marley, Bone Thugs and Lil Wayne, De Royale utilizes all of these underlying factors to create his own unique sound. This independent artist’s music can be heard throughout the United States, representing club goers who are seeking a new genre of music that represents the individuality and multifaceted textures and tones of our generation. When asked about his musical influences he explained his influences cannot be subjected to individuals, but rather  derived from a vast range of globally ethnic backgrounds. He also feels the biggest problem in the Hip Hop industry today is the lack of truly creative mindsets.

With nothing like you have heard and nothing you will soon forget De Royale will pleasantly surprise you. Seeking to break free from the mold of ‘every other rapper’ he sets his sights on greatness declaring he is your next favorite artist.

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Audio: Siddy Rich – Str8 Like Dat

Siddy Rich - Str8 Like Dat (Clean Artwork)

Siddy Rich – Str8 Like Dat

These Kids Stay Fly, Fly Guy Brand Is Taking Over!

Fly Austin n Preston Man these kids are fly! At such a young age these brothers are ready to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive fashion world and they are well on their way!

The Fly Guy Brand was created just south of Denver, Colorado, in Centennial. Fly Guy was started because the boys yearned to make more than their $10 weekly allowance at the same time they wanted to create a brand that everyone would love. To make this business work the brothers have business meetings, make design decisions, do their own marketing and have shared Fly Guy Brand swag with celebrities, at skate parks with everyday people, and at store openings. Austin, Preston and the Fly Guy Brand were given a commendation by Senate President Morgan Carroll on behalf of the State of Colorado, for their ‘ambition and entrepreneurial spirit’. The boys are extremely honored to be recognized not only by their peers and celebrities, but the great State of Colorado as well!

At such a young age these brothers have the recipe for success! They are focused, driven and passionate about their clothing line and love what they do. When asked about some of their most memorable moments they replied “our most memorable moment was in the summer of 2014 when we created a pop-up shop, and made more money in a few days, than we made in six months, that shop was VERY successful for us! However, the most exciting moments are when we are hanging out and we see people wearing our brand on people in the general public, it feels so good to know that people feel cool and comfortable in the Fly Guy Brand, it is the whole reason that we created the company!”

They are definitely gaining attention for their talent, celebrities that have been spotted with Fly Guy Brand apparel include: Rapper Problem, Shameik Moore, who stars as Malcolm in this summer’s breakout movie “Dope”, child star, Miles Brown, who plays Jack Johnson on the hit show Blackish, and many more. Look for some awesome new back to school designs coming soon!



EP: Justin James – “Now or Never”

Justin James x Now or Never EP

The time has finally arrived for central Florida-based Timeless Traks hip hop/soul sensation Justin James to burst onto the mainstream with the release of his long-awaited debut EP Now or Never .

Video: Justin James – “An Introduction” (VPK)

Justin James x 88.5Get familiar with Timeless Traks recording artist “Justin James” with this video introduction. Guest appearances by DJ Ekin (WPOI) Hot 101.5, Queen B (WBTP) 95.7 The Beat, Shadina and Concept (WMNF) 88.5, City Groove Band, and Legend. Check out Tell Me You Love Me, here.