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From the streets of New Orleans Jay Lucci Is Bringing The Heat!

jaylucci2 From the aspiring artist’s showing their newest cut to locals in the french quarter to the people who are active “at the top” of the music scene through the screen or behind the scenes nationally by way of urban, local culture and movements we all share the same outlook and lifestyle that we have more days to go. Johnathan Ray Smith was born February 8th, 1992 into a city that had the nation’s eye at the time for a reason other than being hit by a catastrophic storm. Jonathan grew up around some of New Orleans’ most influential urban icons who would make their city a piece of the hip hop industry such as Brian “Birdman” Williams, Ronald “Slim” Williams and Dwayne Carter and immersed in the now idolized Cash Money/Hot Boys culture.
 Johnathan “Jay Lucci” Smith acknowledges their influence as he works independently in the area of New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana. Founding his own label, No Direction Music (NDM), surrounded now by peers who were some of his classmates and elders growing up during the rise of the Cash Money/Hot Boys movement, Jay Lucci works day to day, paying visits to local recording studios, mixing and editing his own music videos when he can get free time from working shifts. Stacking new material for mixtapes or mixing up single tracks every time he finds a window of time, Lucci delivers a style that embodies the spirit of southern Louisiana pop culture and contains elements of the vintage Hot Boys style that is sentimental today to most 20 to 30 year olds who grew up listening to hip hop in the southern gulf coast region. Most of all, his style is smooth and southern.

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