Evangelist Earlina Gilford-Weaver Continues To Inspire With Her Urban Plays

Her latest work is “Trapped! Was it really God”?  A Heartwarming and compelling Novel & stage play, portrays all of her God given talent and the message that she is trying to reach through  her drama, suspense and funny life changing ministry is- forgiveness is the key to move forward.
The play is about a family who seems to have it all together on the exterior but struggling with skeletons and bones in the closet, this loving yet dysfunctional family has some deep rooted secrets that would destroy sisterhood, parenthood and marriages. You will discover how one family deals with the reality of the bones in their closet along with the dysfunction that is being covered and the healing that needs to be brought forth.  This story will shake the hearts and feeble, it will open your eyes to learning forgiveness and the common problems that are often hidden in what appears to be perfect marriages.
The cast is a team of super talented actors that really bring the essence of the characters to life. Below is a little about the cast:


Dorian Thomas

Mr. Thomas began his career in the spotlight as a bass guitar player/singer for his family quartet group “Jimmy and the Family Circle.” (1994-1998) He Co-Founded both “Sent Forth Mime” & “Next Level Mime” (1998/99-2014) in Youngstown, Ohio. He began acting as “Jesus” in multiple ministry productions in 2000, and portraying multiple characters in other plays His recent accomplishments as an assistant director, actor, or stage manager include his work in “Who Will Wipe My Tears Away?” (2011), “Angry Tears” (2013), and “Trapped! Was It Really God?”(2014).

Anna Knight Baldwin

Anna is an amazing singer, songwriter, and psalmist. She has been singing and writing for over 25 years; she recently sang at the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio and for the Governor of Pennsylvania. She adds the new skill of acting to her repertoire; in 2013, with the movie “Angry Tears”, and in 2014 the gospel stage play “Trapped, Was it Really God?” On her list of new things, she is a wife and mother two. Anna has a true heart for God, and in her own words; “I have a heart for those lost, hurt, broken, to be healed, delivered and set free. I’m humbled and grateful God chose me.”
Latasha Dendy

La Tasha also was known as the class clown she began her life as a stand-up comedienne after the tragic death of her identical sister La Tisha. The late Bernie Mac touched her life with his words “Never give up on your dreams”. She took those words and is here today sharing the gift of laughter, La Tasha  is a Woman of GOD who is a wife and a mother.  Not only does she have a funny side but she is also a prayer warrior. One of her goals in life is to share the stage along with her awesome play director Evangelist Earlena G Weaver and Tyler Perry.
Blair C. Floyd

Mr.Floyd has been acting his whole entire life he was in a Sparkle Market commercial at the age of two. He has been acting ever sense from school pageants all the way to 4 major productions at the age of 22. Not in it for the money or glory, acting is something Blairtruly loves to do. An anointed blessing from God.
Darlene Griffin

A minister of the gospel and singer/songwriter has been acting since high school and singing since she was 4. She has written and performed with Billy Beck of the Ohio Players, sung background for Tonex and BET Sundays Best winner Joshua Rogers and did a city wide choir project with John P. Kee. She was also in “The Wiz” at the Youngstown Playhouse and the opera at Youngstown State University. She enjoys singing and giving God praise. Working with Evangelist Earlina has given her a boost to begin acting again Also she has written and performed the song “Forgive Me” in the play “Trapped! Was it really God?”

Theresa Gilford

Theresa believes in hard work with an associate’s degree in drama acting and praise dancing. A motivator for life and living for Jesus Christ. Her motto is there is no limits in reaching your dreams. She has 7yrs experience in stage performance. “Who will wipe my tears away”, “Busted and Disgusted”, “Trapped? Was it really God”? and the Movie “Angry Tears”. She has also had a pleasure in editing 3 books and with many more projects to come Theresa is excited to be a part of such an awesome drama ministry.

Renee Newman

Renee is a loving, caring, humble woman of God and has been singing  since the age she could talk stepping out on faith in her performance of Trapped! Was It Really God? She was also an extra in Angry Tears the movie, touching hearts with her spirit is her passion of singing.
Angela Duckett

Angela is a native of Youngstown Ohio who has always had a love for entertainment and making people happy. She has been performing for over 10 years she recently wrapped up her independent film entitled “Angry Here” which is based on a true life story of the evangelist. Her latest performances is “Trapped! Was It Really God”? She plans to expand her gifts and talents on stage worldwide.
James Carter

James Being a gospel singer for over 30 years, in a group call Mighty Sons of Joy, one of his privileges, of talent was wiping stage and film in his independent film Angry Tears  and many others  his latest Trapped Was It Really God? made him say I  Don’t mind coming off stage and to have someone say “I don’t like you”. If they don’t like me, then I have to portrayed my character. Especially if it exposes the spiritual wickedness in high places.

Earlina Gilford- Weaver a Motivational Speaker & Christian Counselor, A native from Youngstown Ohio, has a rise through her accomplishments, in spite of coming from a dysfunctional background of physical, mental and emotional abuse, Earlina tells the story of being awarded to the state, traveling from homes that led her in 23 foster home of molestation, rape and abuse, she refused to allow this generational curse to reach her generation. She truly hopes by sharing her struggles with others it can inspire people to find their inner-strength and wisdom to understand they can overcome any obstacle in their life!

A mother of three of wife step mother of six and a grandmother of five, Earlina comes out of the closet in 2010 with her first novel of her real-life testimony Who Will Wipe My Tears Away? That took the stage of a packed house gospel stage play in 2011, later became an independent film Angry Tears in 2013,  living her dream and passion she continues to write more outstanding gospel stage plays and novels, just a few of her accomplishments: Busted & Disgusted novel & stage play, Is It Really My Closet?, Trapped! Was it really God? Novel & stage play, through all of her God given talent the message that she is trying to reach through the message of her drama, suspense and funny life changing ministry is forgiveness is the key to move forward.

To order some of her works you can go to Amazon.com or her ministry website Shekinah Glory Drama Outreach www.Shekinahglorydrama.com



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Rising Hip Hop artist Brian “Juno” Bourne was born in Virginia on October 21 1990​ ​​and raised in Queens New York. Since a teenager he was the weird child being the middle of three. Growing up in a Guyanese household with strict rules he was always rebellious and had his own unique style in clothing, music and personality. Brian loved to be the center of attention with family & friends and loved making people smile.​

​In High School he utilized his creative talents dabbling in custom fashion with a buddy of his and ​ sporting his own designs. Brian moved to Orlando, Florida in 2008 where he met Dj Wild Child and K Jula which began his journey to become a recording artist, inspired by artist such as Andre 3000, Nas, ErykahThe Beatles Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Jimi Hendrix, and so many more. His passion for music became his life.

He says he is only at the beginning stages of his artistry and he is “an artist not a rapper” and Music is a way for him to express his feelings and create a connection with the listener. He teamed up with a lifelong friend Ness forming a Hip Hop Duo/ Indie Label ‘United Statez’. The two teamed up with Red Lion audio and are currently working on their self-entitled ep. Aside from that, Juno Has been working on his first mixtape “Love Blues” expected to be released the first quarter of 2015. He is also working on a mixtape with “Foreign Empire” entitled “The Rise of an Empire” expected to be released November 2014. Juno says “come along for the ride no seatbelts we only live once.”

Juno Bourne
Email | iamjunob@Gmail.com
Facebook | Juno Bourne
Instagram | junob
Twitter | iamjunob
Website | unitedstatez.tv/junob/


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