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Rising Hip Hop artist Brian “Juno” Bourne was born in Virginia on October 21 1990​ ​​and raised in Queens New York. Since a teenager he was the weird child being the middle of three. Growing up in a Guyanese household with strict rules he was always rebellious and had his own unique style in clothing, music and personality. Brian loved to be the center of attention with family & friends and loved making people smile.​

​In High School he utilized his creative talents dabbling in custom fashion with a buddy of his and ​ sporting his own designs. Brian moved to Orlando, Florida in 2008 where he met Dj Wild Child and K Jula which began his journey to become a recording artist, inspired by artist such as Andre 3000, Nas, ErykahThe Beatles Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Jimi Hendrix, and so many more. His passion for music became his life.

He says he is only at the beginning stages of his artistry and he is “an artist not a rapper” and Music is a way for him to express his feelings and create a connection with the listener. He teamed up with a lifelong friend Ness forming a Hip Hop Duo/ Indie Label ‘United Statez’. The two teamed up with Red Lion audio and are currently working on their self-entitled ep. Aside from that, Juno Has been working on his first mixtape “Love Blues” expected to be released the first quarter of 2015. He is also working on a mixtape with “Foreign Empire” entitled “The Rise of an Empire” expected to be released November 2014. Juno says “come along for the ride no seatbelts we only live once.”

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Cristol has been on his music grind for many years. He is achieved viral fame with his hit record “Who You Finna Try”, but that wasn’t the first and definitely has proven to not be the last. Cristol will be an international sensation, it’s only a matter of time, so it was only right to bring in DJ Nephew, DJ Winn, and Bigga Rankin on the hosting duties. Welcome to the next chapter, he hasn’t been and no longer shall be known another indie artist. Cristol is WORLDWIDE. 

DJ Smallz “Life Ain’t Short…It’s Smallz” [Vlog Pt.1]

DJ Smallz gives you an intimate glimpse into his world, chronicling life on the road while djing for southern hip hop superstar, Yo Gotti, during episode one of his personal vlog series “Life Ain’t Short… It’s Smallz! In this installment, Smallz give you an all access experience from the sound check to the stage and everything in between, including his recent BET “106 & Park” performance with CMG newcomer, Snootie Wild.

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Kali Jani “Permission To Go” [Audio]

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Kali Jani “Permission To Go”

Biggg Slim & Juvenile Heatin Up The Streets With Hot New Single “Nothing”

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Biggg Slim and Juvenile have been heatin up the streets all over the South and ready to take their single “Nothing” nationwide! They recently performed in Ft. Lauderdale and have a lot more planned for 2014!


He is bringing his talents to the global platform and making a name for himself worldwide! His stock is definitely rising, as Biggg Slim has collaborations with many big names. Uncle Murda and Chinx Drugz are only a couple of the artists who have worked with Biggg Slim, with Waka Flocka Flame serving as a third. His latest collaboration with “Juvenile” is titled “Nothing” and is heatin up the streets nationwide!
Other artists Biggg Slim has worked with includes Young Money’s Cory Gunz. With his buzz high and still picking up and the major collaborations under his belt, Biggg Slim could easily be the next big rapper out of New York City. Now living in Florida he is quickly building street credibility and respect in the south as well. Those who did not know about Biggg Slim beforehand can take this moment to get familiar.

Clifton Sneed Born the 26th day of August to Felicia Broadnax from Queens, New York. He was the only child with an invisible father, creating a man at a very young age. Clifton was surrounded by strong, supportive and nurturing women like his grandma Mildred and Aunt Louis. Clifton was given the guidance and structure to become the focused, driven businessman he is today.

First introduced to the music world by managing a childhood friend he was asked by some known rappers to collaborate on their projects and thats when Clifton realized that he had a hidden talent and thirst for the Rap industry himself. Luke Nesbeth a very close friend to Clifton decided that every rapper needs a catchy name and called Clifton BIGGG SLIM the handsome Hustla…. In memory of Luke passing away in 2008, Biggg Slim represents the name Luke choose for him, with everything he has to give and vows to be a success! Already working with some of the industry heavy-hitters such as Cory Gunz, Waka Flocka and Uncle Murda he now has his foot in the door and ready to get that deal. Who’s going to be the first Major to pick him up?

Biggg Slim walks into the booth with all this in mind, creating a sound that can’t be duplicated. His plan is to bring a different style to the Rap Game with a smooth, soulful street flavor that can’t be denied. Slim‘s passion, drive and pain unfolds in the words recited in every flow. Biggg Slim was blessed with the birth of his son Camren Luke Sneed, born the 26th of August 2010 on his birthday, which has created a different hunger for this Rapper.

His current catalog of songs consist of:

Bugatti Remix verse, Make it Stack, Work Money Featuring CORY GUNZ, Super Haze Featuring CHINX DRUGZ, Biggg Murda Featuring UNCLE MURDA, Don’t Try Me Featuring WAKA FLOCKA, Freestyle remix Started from the bottom featuring J CUTTA, TONE NYCE, HOLLYWOOD RIC on WORLDSTAR Stay up to date on this artist who is impacting the industry below: