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Banga Roye bringin the heat from New Britain, Connecticut to the world stage!


Born 1992 in New Britain, CT., MERCEDES ROYE noticed her love and passion for music, since the age of 8. She never had an idol but from the different types of music she listened to, she learned how to break down full songs, from the melody, to the instruments, to the tempo. Besides making music, Banga always had a passion for writing which grew from her personal experiences from childhood to now, whether it was a simple journal entry to a poem. Her latest video “Like A Winner” is a guaranteed hit and displays her creative abilities and talent to the max! I recently chopped it up with her to find out what she is really about, check it out-


Would you tell our viewers who you are and where you from?

Yes I would . I have no shame repping where I’m from because we have alotttt of talented people out here in CT !

What are you rapping about and why did you choose that particular subject matter?

I rap about a lot, so it depends. Most likely though, whatever I am rapping about at the times is always based on how I feel , what’s on my mind , or the things I’ve experienced . Even if it’s a daily basis thing.

 Flow or Lyrics-What do you put first?

Flow. I feel like now a days people get hooked on the swag of an artist before actually hearing their content . If it’s something they can easily catch on too, they sing and support it. Good thing about me is I have he flow to grab their attention and the lyrics to make me even more payed attention too.

How do you manage to separate yourself from all the other rappers that are going hard right now?

Easy. I stay in my lane and focus on what I’m doing. What the next person eats don’t make me shit , you feel me ? Most of these artists are already where they’d like to be , so why worry about the next persons grind when I’m still trying to break through ?

What can we expect from you in the near future? Fill us in with what’s going on around you right now

A lot of dope videos with dope music attached too it. I’d like to think that I’m very good at putting a project together from start to finish , even visually . Right now, I’m just focused on getting this music to these Dj’s , doing shows , dropping this mixtape and working on other projects to be released . I have music for days , but everything is about timing ya know?

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